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Clinical Pastoral Education/Training (CPE)


Our clinical pastoral education/training (CPE) programs are psychodynamically based and reflect our commitment to the action-reflection model of learning rooted in the tradition of Anton T. Boisen who founded the clinical pastoral care, counseling and psychotherapy movement in the 1920s.

We have robust CPE programs in California, Utah and Italy.


Kaiser Permanente, Vallejo and Vacaville, CA 

Offering 11-month residencies, a one-year clinical fellowship (post-CPE), and year-round full- and part-time internships based in two medical centers and an in-home hospice,with supervision provided by diplomates David Roth and Ed Luckett. For more information: ClinicalPastoralTraining.org.


Kaiser Permanente, Sacramento and Roseville, CA

A regular unit and extended unit program in two medical centers, with Wade Wroten providing supervision as an SIT under Chapel Hill Chapter member Perry Miller with David Roth as consultant. For more information: ClinicalPastoralTraining.org.

David S Grant Medical Center.jpg

David S. Grant Medical Center, Travis Air Force Base, CA

DGMC is located at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, California, and it is the largest inpatient military treatment facility in Air Mobility Command and the largest medical center in the United States Air Force. DGMC provides a full spectrum of care to a prime service area population of nearly 106,000 TRICARE beneficiaries in the immediate San Francisco­Sacramento vicinity and 377,000 in the Department of Veterans Affairs Northern California Health Care System. It operates with an annual budget of $123 million and is staffed by over 2,500 personnel, which includes nearly 600 active duty officers, over 1,000 enlisted personnel, nearly 70 Individual Mobilization Augmentee reservists, over 260 Civil Service civilians, nearly 350 contractors, over 70 Red Cross workers and 160 highly dedicated military retiree volunteers.

DGMC encompasses 808,475 net square feet with 3,662 rooms. It is staffed to operate 84 inpatient beds (expandable to 176), 16 aeromedical staging facility beds (expandable to 40) and 52 dental treatment rooms. The “footprint” measures greater than two football fields in width and almost four football fields in length. It received five national awards for design and construction. Built to withstand major earthquakes, it can operate for up to a week using integral utility capabilities. Additionally, integral structural components and foundations are sized for future vertical expansion.

Founded on July 1st, 1943, the original DGMC housed seven wards with a total capacity of 125 beds. Later known to locals as "The Hospital on the Hill," a total of 148 people were assigned to DGMC: 24 officers, 10 nurses, 72 enlisted men, and 42 civilian personnel.

Chaplain Joanne Martindale began the first CPE CPSP program in January 2014 with an average student group of 12 per year. The CPE program has been active since then.


San Joaquin Community Hospital, Bakersfield, CA 

Year-round CPE is offered at this 254-bed, medical center by diplomate Tony Andrews.


Utah Valley Hospital, Intermountain Healthcare, Provo, UT  

Offering a fully-funded (no-tuition) two-year, four-unit extended unit CPE program with David Roth, PhD, as supervisor, at this 295-bed Level II trauma center.

CPE at Utah Valley

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Ufficio di Pastorale Clinica, Turin, ITALY 

Dr. Sergio Manna is the founder and CPE supervisor of the longest-running CPE program in Italy, offering training under the auspices of the Waldensian Church.